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Shopping Centre Revontuli

Phenomenal Shopping Centre Revontuli ("Northern Light") is named after the world-famous northern phenomenon that brings people from all over the world to Rovaniemi. Like its role model, Revontuli is colourful, northern and constantly renewing.

Revontuli offers the latest in fashion, beauty, leisure, health and wellness. A frontrunner in Lapland, Revontuli is a shopping centre on an international level, a provider of delightful shopping and a cosy lounge for locals and visitors.

Revontuli is also the Official Shopping Centre of Santa Claus and a member of the Santa Claus Foundation. Santa Claus can be seen in Revontuli especially during Christmas events. He has his own mailbox in Revontuli, emptied by Santa's elves on a regular basis.

Location and shops

Shopping Centre Revontuli is situated in central Rovaniemi, at the junction of Koskikatu and Lapinkävijäntie streets.

Approximately 30 shops serve customers in Revontuli. The shopping centre also houses other services and offices. Revontuli is directly connected to the adjacent Rinteenkulma Shopping Centre: more than 60 shops can be found in the two shopping centres.

Disabled access

Shopping Centre Revontuli has received an easy access badge from the Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities. Our premises meet easy access criteria: disabled toilets have been marked on the shopping centre map on our website and staff have been trained to consider customers that need special assistance.

We have a wheelchair to borrow – please call security guards at +358 40 486 9991. You can agree on using the chair beforehand at the same number.

Parking areas

Revontuli and the adjacent Shopping Centre Rinteenkulma offer more than 800 free parking spots, 300 of which are in Revontuli's heated garage. You can access the shopping centre parking areas directly from the E4 road exit or via Poromiehentie or Lapinkävijäntie streets.

Please note that some parking areas are height restricted. Parking spots for high vehicles such as camper vans can be found on the streets around the shopping centre.

Revontuli's heated parking garage is open Monday through Friday 8.00 – 21.00, Saturdays 8.00 – 21.00 and Sundays 12.00 – 21.00. The parking garage can be exited around the clock.


ATM (cash machine)

An Otto ATM can be found inside Shopping Centre Revontuli, next to Luhta Brand Store.

Customer toilets

Customer toilets are on the P floor next to the heated parking garage. They can be accessed on the escalator or lift B from the shopping centre main corridor.

Child care facilities

Mr. Fox's Break Room, the shopping centre's free-of-charge facility for family breaks and plays, is located on the southern end of Revontuli and has a well-equipped family toilet, a kitchen and a safe play area.


Hotels and local traffic

Central Rovaniemi's hotels lie within walking distance of Shopping Centre Revontuli, as do the bus and railway stations. Local bus stops can be found across the street from the main entrance of the shopping centre and the nearby Ruokasenkatu street.

Service bay and delivery of goods

The Revontuli service bay can be accessed from Lapinkävijäntie street. All goods deliveries are handled through the service bay.

Lost and found

Security centre
+358 40 486 9991
Weekdays 14.00 – 19.00, Saturdays 12.00 – 16.00

Real Estate Owner

Agore Real Estate

Street address
Agore Kiinteistöt
c/o Trevian Asset Management
Pohjoisesplanadi 35 aA
00100 Helsinki



Promotions, events, trading stalls and pop-up shops

Promotion instructions:
- Book your spot at least a month beforehand
- Be prepared to submit an illustration of the stall you've planned
- Please note: we select our promotion partners carefully
- Actively stopping people to sell something is not allowed on the corridors of Shopping Centre Revontuli

Contact and event feedback:
Hanne Martimo
Shopping Centre Manager
+358 40 564 4330

Office and retail space leasing

Helena Kangas
Leasing Manager


+358 400 717 698


”We were really pleased with our pop-up shop in Shopping Centre Revontuli, both the results and cooperation were excellent. We realised we had quite a few customers in Rovaniemi – we’re sure to return!”
- Heidi, Metsola (children’s clothing)

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