Customer Experiences

”We were really pleased with our pop-up shop in Shopping Centre Revontuli, both the results and cooperation were excellent. We realised we had quite a few customers in Rovaniemi – we’re sure to return!”
- Heidi, Metsola (children’s clothing)


”We visit Mr. Fox’s Break Room on a regular basis now that both our kids are in a suitable age. A space like this helps a lot in running errands with kids. Revontuli is a great shopping centre for us as it has a good selection of shops and is easily accessed.”
- Jaana, Tuomas, Eetu and Aava


“A play break in Mr. Fox’s Break Room comes in handy when kids get tired of shopping. Shopping Centre Revontuli has everything we need.”
- Tuulikki and Peppi


“We headed to Revontuli for an event to see other families and let the kids play with their friends. A nice cheer-up for all of us!”
- Sanna, Jussi, Janne and Peetu